How to Install the Azure AD Preview PowerShell cmdlets

So you are getting serious about Azure Active Directory and you want/need to use the latest PowerShell cmdlets

well read on to see how you would install the cmdlets

as we are going to install PowerShell modules this requires administrator permissions on the computer

Do you already have AzureADPreview installed?

To confirm simply enter “get-module AzureADPreview”

PS Get-module01-01

If you get no results it means it is not installed

If you wanted to know what modules are installed simply run “get-module”

PS Get-module02-01

Yes this is a brand new  Windows 10 1909 machine I am using

So let’s Install the module already

ok enough reading

the command is simple “Install-Module -Name AzureADPreview”

PS Get-module03-01

When prompted select Y

this is required to download the package from NuGet

PS Get-module04

Then press A (as you will regularly use NuGet ) if you have used NuGet before you will probably not see this prompt

PS Get-module05

and there you have it!

top put it to work just start with “Connect-AzureAD” and login

PS Get-module06

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